A Guide to the Integrated Management of Tomato Crops in a Greenhouse

The tomato crop is one of the most important vegetable crops, which are consumed either fresh or through manufacturing processes at the global level. The results of the Agricultural Production Survey (2019) indicated that the area of vegetables grown in greenhouses in the Kingdom amounted to 306,947.32 square meters, while the total number of greenhouses reached 542.73 greenhouses. The results of the survey also showed that the tomato crop came first in terms of the number of greenhouses and its area in the kingdom; As it exceeded 632,607,12 square meters, and accordingly, the purpose of this guide is to guide farmers to work according to ideal practices in greenhouses in line with the Kingdom's vision 2030 in raising the efficiency of greenhouse use, water and fertilizers, preserving the environment, and improving the safety of products in the agricultural sector, with diversifying the productivity of agricultural crops, which helps increase farmers' income and investments in protected agriculture.

***This publication is available for download only in the Arabic Language.

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