New Growing Way to Improve Cucumber Greenhouse Production

Cucumber cultivation is widespread in many areas of the Kingdom and the average area cultivated with cucumber in protected houses is estimated at 6.8 million square meters, with a total production of 61214 tons. Cucumbers are grown in two or three cycles during the year, with an average production ranging between 8-12 kilograms per square meter during one cycle, which extends from 3 to 4 months. The National Center for Research and Development of Sustainable Agriculture has conducted an experiment to test a new cropping system called “High-wire system” in protected houses compared to the traditional Umbrella system and the results indicate the possibility of increasing production and improving quality through the new method of growing system, where this publication explains the advantages and disadvantages of High-wire system compared to the traditional Umbrella System.

***This publication is available for download only in the Arabic Language.

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