Term of Reference for Greenhouses in the Arid Regions

Greenhouse cultivation is one of the important ways to produce vegetable crops throughout the year with increased production per unit area, in order to ensure the necessary requirements for crop growth by controlling climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity and ventilation, and also protect it from high wind and intense solar radiation. For example, in the tomato crop, the minimum temperature should not be less than 10 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 32 degrees Celsius.
The appropriate range is between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius depending on the amount of solar radiation available during the day and the stage of crop growth, as these criteria determine the need for appropriate cooling and heating technologies. The publication deals with two types of greenhouses, the first is Medium cost and medium production (Med-Tech Greenhouse) covered greenhouses with medium cost and the other at a high cost and high production (High-Tech Greenhouse).

***This publication is available for download in Arabic Language only.

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