Integrated Pest Management

The extensive use of chemicals to control diseases and pests in open field and greenhouses cultivation results in complex problems of insect resistance to chemicals, in addition to health and environmental hazards.

Crop protection can be achieved by using control measures other than relying mainly on chemical pesticides. These control measures are part of the Integrated Pest and Production Management (IPPM). Accordingly, IPPM should receive major attention. Actually, it is difficult to find a greenhouse where at least the basic IPPM techniques – including double doors and insect proof netting over all ventilation and cooling systems – are not applied.

In order to eliminate or minimize the use of toxic pesticides, Estidamah is working on developing best hygiene protocols, and is conducting research to test the effect of using improved Integrated Production and Protection Management (IPPM) programs to prevent  infestation and promote the use of biological control methods by introducing and evaluating the effect of greenhouse insect natural enemies.

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