Chairman Message


 H.E. Eng Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has paid great attention to the agricultural sector until it has become one of the leading development sectors in the Kingdom. Supported by the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince - May Allah protect them - this sector has made significant development leaps which have contributed to achieving food security in the Kingdom for a number of strategic goods. The strategies of environment, water, agriculture and food security have laid special focus on a sustainable sector to protect the environment, to develop water resources, to provide a permanent and secure food supply and top-quality services that would help achieve both the social and economic development, as key pillars of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.

Estidamah is a specialized center in agricultural research. Its objectives are to bring in and adapt technology for sustainable agriculture - including the latest technologies in the field, developing investable and commercially marketable local technologies which lay special focus on top-quality yield, efficient production, water use efficiency, support the setting-up of specialized national industry in this area, in addition to initiating an electronic database on sustainable agriculture in the Kingdom.

On this occasion, it gives a great pleasure to extend my deep thanks and appreciation to our visionary leadership for their support and provisions to make this initiative successful, including the required human and financial resources, to enhance the sector’s role in both social and economic development. I also extend my gratitude to all organizations involved in establishing this Center; wishing its staff all success.

Allah is the Arbiter of Success.

Abdulrahman Abdulmohsen Al-Fadhli - Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.

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