Contracted Research

As a leader in sustainable agricultural research in the region, Estidamah provides an integrated suite of contracted research services, based on its agricultural experience and expertise, the latest technologies and a unique global network. We assist our constituencies in developing, testing, and adopting new technologies to effectively boost their agricultural projects.

Accordingly, Estidamah offers innovative and customized solutions that ensure successful agricultural investment, including but not limited to – fertilizers, biological pest control, conventional pesticides, seed and plant variety, irrigation systems, cooling systems, greenhouse types, and equipment, etc.

Estidamah offers the following Contracted Research Services:

  • Crop Variety Testing and Evaluation
  • Agricultural Systems Assessment for Specific Crop Situations
  • Irrigation Management Technologies
  • Environment Monitoring Systems
  • Seeds Variety Testing and Trials
  • Investable and Marketable Crops
  • Different Greenhouse Technologies

Other Services


Open Day

Estidamah open days offer a great opportunity to obtain more detailed knowledge on the Center’s work, research and projects


Estidamah consultation services cover a wide range of sustainable agriculture practices and technologies, to help our constituencies achieve better management, quality yield and high productivity.


Through effective cooperation with academic institutions, Estidamah provides Collaborative Training Programs to train students on how to put their class-based theoretical knowledge into practice in field work environments in line with well-defined...


Workshops are one the most common training tools where knowledge and experience are exchanged, and information on sustainable agriculture research is shared. Workshops bring together industry experts to share their views, train new colleagues or...


Estidamah provides training services to a wide range of target audiences, including students, farmers, and staff, to obtain hands-on skills, to improves performance, to keep up with the latest technologies, and to secure the highest return on...
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