Who we are

Estidamah was launched in 2017 to perform applied research and seek innovative solutions for sustainable and resilient agriculture and food systems. The center focus on ensuring food security, enhancing sustainable Agri-environmental systems, developing measures for climate change mitigation and adaptations. It strives to adopt and test novel technologies for enhancing sustainable farming practices in a number of key areas, including increasing crop production per unit area, improving integrated water management in agriculture, by boosting water use efficiency and reducing impacts on freshwater resources. 
Estidamah aims to put in place knowledge management, research collaboration and effective empowerment; to adapt and develop agricultural systems, to conduct research and applied experiments in areas of protected cultivation, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), biofertilization, integrated management of organic waste, Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) and localization of modern cultivation technologies. The center tries to facilitate innovation which will support and develop sustainable agriculture and expand its applications


Areas of work at the (Estidama )Center

  • Scientific cooperation.
  • Innovation
  • Exchange information and knowledge.
  • Research.
  • Conferences and seminars.
  • Service offers.
  • information management.
  • Technology development

Specializations of the (Estidama) Center

  • Details new and innovative development and applications relevant to the focal business areas, their outlook, and their home country.
  • Building and developing an electronic database covering its specializations.
  • Establish what is required in developing the research aim and objective; Identifying environmental, emerging or marketing obstacles, and finding solutions for them.
  • Cooperating with individuals, entities and specialized expert houses in the Kingdom and abroad.
  • Conferences, seminars, scientific meetings, workshops and special courses.
  • Publishing scientific production, participating in it.
  • Spreading awareness of leading agricultural practices and modern and innovative technologies.
  • Providing consultations, technical support and practical solutions to the public sectors, entirely in the field of the agriculture network.

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Integrity: At the Estidama Center, we adhere to the highest standards of conduct and the code of honor and ethics known in the Kingdom that are consistent with our religion and our tolerant Islamic law. We adhere to transparency and credibility in all our dealings with employees and plaintiff partners.


All of us at the Estidama Center are committed to serving our customers and helping them achieve their goals. We spare no effort in providing sustainable and practical agricultural techniques and practices to enhance the quality of the product, increase its quantity, and reduce its cost.

the quality

The Estidama Center is proud to provide agricultural sustainability products and services of high quality that ensure profit, growth, safety and satisfaction.


The Estidama Center encourages innovation and adopts a work environment that encourages, promotes and rewards innovation and creative thinking. This effectively helps create opportunities for developing beneficial, low-cost and highly effective sustainable agricultural products and services.

Collective team partnership

We at the Estidama Center believe that the share of knowledge and gratitude, as well as development in the contemporary world, especially in the field of modern agricultural sustainability, and therefore secular truth, helps us build our collective strength and independence at the same time. We believe in teamwork, and we enjoy the highest level of agricultural sustainability together with all... Our partners are people who share our vision, mission and values.

Strategic goals

The Estidama Center has identified four strategic goals to achieve the center’s vision and mission, which are applying innovative agricultural technologies, improving agricultural sustainability, and achieving greater impact through cooperation and enhancing communication and training.

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Application of Innovative Agri-Technologies

Estidamah will apply and promote innovative technology-enabled practices to deliver sustainable agriculture research for protected cultivation.

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Improving Agricultural Sustainability

Estidamah will implement impactful horticulture research solutions to promote water-use efficiency, Integrated Pests Management (IPM), and yield improvement for local growers


Achieving Greater Impact Through Collaboration

Estidamah seeks to Strengthen collaboration with local and international partners through promoting research and knowledge sharing partnerships.
This, in turn, will achieve the desired positive impact to ensure sustainably agricultural development according to the latest global methods in the field.


Enhance Communication and Training

Estidamah endeavors to deliver robust research solutions to stakeholders through effective communication tools and training programs.

Our Vision

To be a leading national research and innovation center for sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission

To conduct applied research in sustainable agriculture to promote
collaboration, technology and knowledge transfer in the areas of horticulture.

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