Strategic Objectives

Estidamah has set four (4) key strategic objectives to deliver on its vision and mission, including the Application of Innovative Agri-Technologies, Improving Agricultural Sustainability, Achieving Greater Impact Through Collaboration and Enhancing Communication and Training.

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Application of Innovative Agri-Technologies

Estidamah will apply and promote innovative technology-enabled practices to deliver sustainable agriculture research for protected cultivation.

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Improving Agricultural Sustainability

Estidamah will implement impactful horticulture research solutions to promote water-use efficiency, Integrated Pests Management (IPM), and yield improvement for local growers


Achieving Greater Impact Through Collaboration

Estidamah seeks to Strengthen collaboration with local and international partners through promoting research and knowledge sharing partnerships.
This, in turn, will achieve the desired positive impact to ensure sustainably agricultural development according to the latest global methods in the field.


Enhance Communication and Training

Estidamah endeavors to deliver robust research solutions to stakeholders through effective communication tools and training programs.

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