Workshop entitled “Climate-Smart Agriculture... Healthy Environment and Sustainable Agriculture”

Estidamah organized a workshop entitled “Climate-Smart Agriculture... Healthy Environment and Sustainable Agriculture” among series of specialized workshops regulated by it with the participation of elite researchers and professionals.

The workshop topics varied between climate change and agricultural sector, climate-smart agriculture concepts and applications, sustainable agriculture to transform the agrifood systems, and other important topics.

It is noted that Estidamah mainly aims at promoting the sustainable agriculture in the Kingdom; adopting the modern agricultural technologies to enhance the sustainability of the agricultural activities in the Kingdom; enabling the optimal use of natural resources, especially water, to contribute to achieving the food security; and preserving these resources for future generations.

Estidamah seeks to strengthen its position and leadership in the field of modern agricultural technologies; apply the researches providing modern solutions and technologies for public and private agricultural institutions; and reach the practical applicable solutions, through the researches, to develop, improve, and apply the agricultural technologies in the Kingdom.


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